Success! Rusty is rehomed after plea

Rusty enjoys being at her new home
Rusty enjoys being at her new home

RUSTY, the lovable Bengal cat, has a new lease of life after being given a place to call home.

The four-year-old was featured in The Thame Gazette in March and is now settling down with his new family of Felicity Plester and Steve Gear from Bracknell.

Felicity said: “We were completely charmed by him when we saw him. He seemed a little aloof one minute but then rolled around on his back happy being stroked the next, as well as displaying his climbing skills.

“We were looking for quite a chatty cat with a strong personality so he seemed to fit the bill – and he’s absolutely gorgeous, of course. 

“He spent most of the time hiding under the bed for the first couple of days but now he’ll happily sit on the bed or sofa with us and loves to play boisterously.

“I would definitely recommend taking in a rescue pet – it’s great to think we can give him a nice new home.”