Students’ designs on greener living in Thame

Students at Lord Williams's School design a green living plan
Students at Lord Williams's School design a green living plan

Students in Thame have taken up the challenge of designing a green living plan for the town.

Students in year 8 at Lord Williams’s School were asked for their ideas on what changes they would make for a cleaner, greener community.

They worked with over 30 members of the RSA Thame Group and other community representatives to design a green living plan.

Working in groups, students assessed their own communities in terms of four environmental factors - reducing air pollution, amount and quality of green space, safe access routes through the community for people and wildlife, the problem of waste and opportunities for recycling.

Tutors noted how students engaged in the learning and practical nature of the activities. One student said: “It’s been fun to do it with my friends and I learnt about the threats to the environment such as pollution.”

Towards the end of 2018, Thame residents were consulted on the draft Green Living Plan produced by the RSA Thame Group on behalf of Thame Town Council.

The plan will be closely linked with the Thame Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that development is sympathetic to the environment and conducive to a healthy town and community.

Charles Boundy spoke on behalf of the RSA Thame group. He said: “I’m delighted to have had the chance to introduce the green living plan for Thame to the students at Lord Williams’s School. The RSA Thame Group is looking forward to reviewing the ideas of the year 8 groups in developing specific proposals for us to take forward. As Thame and its surrounding communities continue to expand, the chosen school focus areas of clean air, green spaces, safe routes and a better approach to waste have never been more important – for all of us and especially the students who are our future.”

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