Street fights landlord over plans to lock gate

Patrick Nolan, Aaron Bernstein and Annette Taylor
Patrick Nolan, Aaron Bernstein and Annette Taylor

RESIDENTS who fear a pedestrian access gate could be permanently welded shut have started a campaign to keep it open and have it designated as a public right of way.

The row centres on the entrance to the Southern Road industrial estate from Willow Road, and residents are being urged to tell Bucks County Council how ‘vital’ the access gate is.

The gate features a locked section which prevents cars getting through and a pedestrian entrance which was closed briefly a few weeks ago causing problems.

Annette Taylor, 38, resident of Willow Road for nine years, said: “We don’t want the car entrance open, just the walkway entrance.

“When it was locked we had drinkers and kids climbing over it, which is clearly dangerous. We wouldn’t make a fuss if it wasn’t used but so many people in Aylesbury use it.

“We have a neighbour who has been here nearly 50 years and she remembers it being open.

“I have been given forms by the county council to fill in and make a legal application, now we need as many people as possible to sign to say they use it.”

Resident Aaron Bernstein, 35, who has also lived in Willow Road for nine years, said the gate ‘gives access to the shops and pub’, adding that some residents or visitors use the industrial estate to park in at night – but stressed ‘now the new chaps have moved in we don’t park in their spaces’.

Christopher Dawe, a business partner at C and L Autos, said: “It is easy access for my customers, we advertise being five minutes walk from town, but if the gate is locked they will have to walk an extra five or 10 minutes.”

In response, the owners of the industrial estate said: “We are not aware of any plans to weld the gate shut and can confirm that Southern Road is a private road which is not believed to have any pedestrian right of way or indeed any recent history of pedestrian access, we are not aware of any petition by residents of Willow Road.”

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