Strangers step in to help famous Guy, 91

Famous mechanic Guy Buckingham
Famous mechanic Guy Buckingham

The son of a 91-year-old once famous for his engineering achievements has thanked three ‘good samaritans’ who came to his father’s aid when his car broke down.

Haddenham-based Guy Buckingham, famous for designing, building and racing sports cars, was left stranded near the Oddfellows roundabout in Aylesbury last Thursday at around 10am.

With no phone, Mr Buckingham could have been left struggling, says his son, had it not been for a man who stopped and helped him push the car near the Royal Mail depot. When the pair got to the entrance, the man called his friend ‘Kevin’, a local mechanic. The first man then returned to work, and Mr Buckingham was left waiting for the mechanic to arrive. But the hot weather must have ‘triggered’ concern from the offices opposite, says Lee, as a man came out with a bottle of water for Mr Buckingham and offered him reassurance.

After around 20 minutes, mechanic Kevin arrived and towed Mr Buckingham to his garage, before fixing his car free of charge, enabling him to get home. He also lent Mr Buckingham his phone, so he could call his wife.

“My dad is 91 and doesn’t own a mobile so would have been completely stuck had it not been for these individuals. I’d love to thank these people personally,” said Lee.

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