Stoke Mandeville Hospital pays out huge sum after errors left baby with brain damage

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Stoke Mandeville Hospital has admitted making mistakes that led to a baby suffering permanent brain damage.

Lisa Mainds was reportedly seen by six different consultants and midwives when she went into labour at the hospital, but none of them noticed her son was in distress.

The MailOnline reported that by the time Findley, now three, was born his brain had been starved of oxygen for hours and he has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Findley also suffers chronic kidney disease, but the hospital has not admitted responsibility for this.

Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust has paid out a six-figure interim sum to the family and full compensation will be paid at a later date.

Mrs Mainds, from Chesham, said: “I am so, so angry. This didn’t have to happen to my little boy. I can’t ever forgive them for what they have done, even after the apology. They played God with my little boy’s life.

“All the compensation money in the world means nothing to me, I’d do anything to turn back the clock.”

Mrs Mainds was admitted to the hospital on August 19, 2010.

It was nearly 12 hours before anyone realised something was wrong and Mrs Mainds was rushed to have Findley delivered before he was taken to a specialist intensive care unit.

The health trust said in a statement: “Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is sincerely sorry for the shortcomings in the obstetric treatment that Mrs Mainds received and we have written to the family to apologise.

“The trust has admitted liability for Findley’s brain damage, including his cerebral palsy.”