Stage struck donkey needed for theatre

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If you own a star struck donkey with diva pretensions, fame may well be knocking on the door.

An opera production coming to town in the spring is seeking a local donkey to appear on stage during performances in Aylesbury and Wycombe.

To bring a genuine feeling of Spain to the famous opera Carmen, director Ellen Kent is seeking a donkey to appear in the market scene in Act One and to carry the smugglers’ goods through the mountains in Act Three.

Ellen spent her teenage years in Andalucia where her mother ran the Spanish equivalent of the RSPCA, so animal welfare is close to her heart. During the Carmen tour she is using rescue donkeys from sanctuaries close to each venue.

She said: “This production of Bizet’s Carmen is about bringing the heat, passion and sensuous intensity of Spain to life on stage. In some venues we are using a white Andalucian stallion. But what could be more Spanish than a donkey.”

Sadie Williams, who is coordianting the donkey stars, said: “We’ve had a great response in many areas and often the donkeys are quite used to the spotlight, having appeared in nativities or Palm Sunday parades. But for some reason we’re struggling to find a suitable donkey for Aylesbury and High Wycombe.”

Carmen is showing at Aylesbury Waterside on 1st March, and at Wycombe Swan on 17th February.

If your donkey has star quality to appear in the show contact Sadie before 20th December on

As the owner you will need to be prepared to go on-stage in costume to look after your donkey.

A collection to raise money for donkey welfare will be made on the night.