Stage set for new housing plan on old Bierton battleground to be unveiled at Waterside Theatre

The site is outlined in red
The site is outlined in red
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Plans to build 1,700 homes to the north east of Aylesbury will be unveiled today (Wednesday) at an exhibition at the Waterside Theatre.

Hallam Land Management will detail its plans today (Wednesday) and consult with residents for the homes located to the north of Bierton and east of Watermead.

However the plans, which include a new road linking the A413 to the A418 and providing a primary school and community centre, have already faced criticism from campaigners well versed in opposing development in Bierton.

The scheme broadly follows the footprint for the ‘north east arc’ containing 3,400 homes put forward by Aylesbury Vale District Council in its now defunct 2010 core strategy.

But when government inspector Geoff Salter examined the overall strategy for housing to the east of Aylesbury he said he had ‘serious concerns’ about building to the south and north of Bierton.

And co-leader of the Bierton, Broughton and Hulcott residents group. Tony Strevens, who led the fight two years ago, said: “It’s beginning to look like the eastern arc all over again.

“I’m concerned Bierton will be swallowed up. It will lose its identity and join up with Aylesbury.

“Local people bought houses around here because of the landscape and the countryside.”

Despite the core strategy being dropped Hallam said it has addressed Mr Salter’s concerns, most notably by halving the proposed amount of homes.

The district council has already approved 2,450 new homes to the south of Bierton.

It is currently drawing up its ‘local plan’ stating how many homes need to be built in the Vale.

The exhibition runs from 12pm to 7pm.