Staff who are in complete harmony

Waddesdon staff choir. Copyright Stuart Bebb photography
Waddesdon staff choir. Copyright Stuart Bebb photography

FOR most staff, spending free time with work colleagues can be a chore – however, the staff at Waddesdon Manor enjoy their colleagues’ company so much that they have formed a choir together.

The 25-strong group of cleaners, gardeners, guides and land train drivers now meet once a week to work with a professional conductor and pianist to polish their performance.

The group, which only formed nine months ago, has even been allowed to open this year’s Mad festival on June 30, where they will perform popular classics.

The manor’s head of engagement Simon Wales said: “I am new to Waddesdon Manor and to the area and it can be quite daunting to join a new organisation and meet new colleagues.

“I heard about the choir and thought it sounded like a good initiative and since joining I have met many people from every part of the organisation.

“Everyone has been very friendly and we’re really making progress with some of the pieces now.

“The great thing about a choir is that you never know who you will be standing next to.

“Now, when we are out and about doing our daily work around the manor, we always stop and say hello to each other.”

This year the self-styled people’s tenor Russell Watson will headline the popular two-day Mad festival.

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