Staff call for pay rise at Bucks County Council - but no one has signed petition

County hall
County hall

A petition demanding a pay rise for Bucks County Council staff has been set up - but after a week no one has signed it.

The petition follows a request from UNISON for a 5% pay rise for all council staff in 2014/15 and asks the authority, which is facing massive cuts to its budget, to back this idea.

It adds that staff feel ‘a limit has been reached’ after years of change, cuts and pay freezes, combined with the rising cost of living.

The petition is being run on the council’s website from November 12 until December 10, but as of Tuesday morning (November 19) there were no signatures on it.

It says: “Many of us are struggling to get by, taking second jobs, receiving means tested benefits and/or living in debt.

“This is leading to stress and low morale, with obvious impacts on absence and productivity.

“We understand that times are difficult in local authorities and money is tight.

“We also understand that the vital services we provide are the priority.

“But we are losing experienced staff, we are under stress over workloads and changes, and we are struggling with low pay.

“The pay claim entered by UNISON represents the view of surveyed staff and we believe it is affordable and realistic.

“We urge you to become an employer of excellence and support our pay claim for fair pay increase in 2014/15.”

You can view and sign the petition on the council’s website.