Squashbuckling duo set new world record

All pictures courtesy of Thame TV
All pictures courtesy of Thame TV

A PAIR of Thame squash players have smashed the world record for the longest ever competitive game after playing for a gruelling 31 hours, 35 minutes and 34 seconds.

Guy Fotherby and Darren Withey are now relaxing after their marathon court performance last Friday and Saturday, during which they played a staggering 475 consecutive games.

They have so far raised almost £9,000 for charity with donations still rolling in as they try to hit their £10,000 target.

The charities benefiting from the duo’s astonishing achievement are Cancer Research and the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children.

Guy said: “Both of us have known people who have cancer so it is very close to our hearts and my niece is autistic and benefits from the charity.”

The event was held at Raquets Fitness Centre and began at 10am Friday and finished on Saturday around 8pm.

Copyright Thame TV

Copyright Thame TV

The pair were only allowed a five minute break every hour in which they had to eat, drink and go to the bathroom.

Guy said the biggest motivation was the knowledge of the good causes he was raising money for.

“We knew we were being sponsored by the hour. It was tough and a case of mentally getting over it.

“It hurt a lot. The worst part was at 3pm or 4pm on the Saturday when we knew we had a good few hours yet.

“The support was brilliant and the crowd was in great form and really helped motivate us.

“We had a fantastic team supporting us. In the five minute breaks you had people massaging us and pummelling your back while you grabbed a bite.

“After a while I couldn’t face food and just hydrated.

“We then had a 20 second countdown to get back on the court otherwise the record attempt would be over. The crowd would shout it out for us.

“When we finished it was such a euphoric feeling. We knew we had raised all that money for good causes.”

The event was extremely popular and a continual stream of spectators were on hand to cheer.

Simon Martin, manager of Raquets Fitness Centre, said: “The pair looked absolutely shattered. It obviously took a lot out of them and took a lot mentally.

“I’d like to thank all the sponsors and everyone who helped make it happen.

“It’s great to have squash in the news and seeing the guys push themselves to the limit.”

The attempt has been submitted to Guinness World Records with witness signatures and video evidence and official confirmation is expected in the next couple of weeks. To donate visit their Just Giving page.

Pictures courtesy of Thame TV.