Spread the cuts across libraries, it’s only fair...

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor
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THE letters this week resolves around the controversial plans to close Chinnor library.

The response from the Thame Gazette readers is clear that they do not want to see the facility close down and so they have written in express their alternatives.

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Spread the cuts across libraries, it’s only fair...

from Simon Mould, address supplied

I was at the meeting about the threat to Chinnor Library (Thame Gazette, February 4), as a resident, a library user and as a parent of two young children.

There was indeed an overwhelming sense that the decision has been made to close the 20 libraries.

There was also a huge groundswell of opinion that this ‘pain’ should be shared across all in the county, not just those in selected areas. We are all in the same national debt.

If you are looking to canvas opinion, then here is mine:

We all understand the county requirement to save £2m from library spending, but spread the cuts across all libraries.

This is a burden that should be shared by the entire community, not just specific ones, and therefore we should choose the option to reduce ALL library opening hours by 30 per cent, to share the pain equally.

It cannot be too complicated to share this service reduction in a logistically sensible way, so that a ‘second choice’ local library location is available on the days that Chinnor is shut.

What about consideration for the ability to cross county boundaries to focus on service and not on an arbitrary demarcation line?

If, or when, central funding becomes available again we need to have an infrastructure in place to avoid the significant costs that would be required to restart the service in the village.

If we lose the facility now, we will never get it back.

The ability (or otherwise) of a local community to prop up the local library service either through cash or volunteering, would then be a real indicator of the passion and requirement for a library. Therefore each community can truly vote with their feet.

Don’t shut Chinnor, share out the pain

from Sue Bell, address supplied

Chinnor Library should not have to close to justify another library to stay open. Reduced opening hours should be made to all libraries if cutbacks have to be made. This is the only fair option to all who pay council tax.

Roads are in a shocking state

from Mark Bogues, address supplied

I feel that I must make comment on the quality of the road surfaces locally. These are nothing short of a disgrace.

I have experienced better roads in many so-called Third World countries.

Not only are these poor surfaces causing increased wear and tear on my motor vehicle but they are also increasing road risk, as I and other drivers are forced to spend more time concentrating upon the surface itself and not on the more important road hazards.

I fear that it will not be long before a serious incident results.