Sports council welcomes legacy report

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Calls for ‘clear, identifiable, national ownership of the Olympic and Paralympic legacy’, have been welcomed by the council for Sport and Active Leisure.

Last week the House of Lords Select Committee’s report called for action to ensure an enduring sporting and regeneration legacy.

Bucks is doing its bit to preserve the legacy with recent statistics putting the county, home to Stoke Mandeville – the birthplace of the Paralympic movement, top when it comes to disabled people participating in sport.

But Ian Taylor, an Olympic gold medallist and chief executive of sports sector council SkillsActive, says a ‘unified approach’ is needed.

He said: “We’re pleased the ‘Keeping the flame alive: the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy’ report focuses attention of finding a unified approach to ensuring the promised legacy of the 2012 Olympics.

“SkillsActive recognises that sustained, long-term investment is essential for ensuring a sea-change in people’s attitude and participation in healthy activities.

“Inspiring an active, healthy population will take concerted, ongoing effort, over many years, in the sports and physical activity sector.”

The report commented on the ‘lack of clear ownership’ in delivery of the Olympics 2012 legacy and recommended ‘one minister be given overall responsibility for the many strands of the legacy, working with the devolved administrations to ensure UK-wide coordination’.