Spoof plans sparked public uproar

Artist's impression of controversial parking plans
Artist's impression of controversial parking plans

SPOOF plans to turn Thame Town Hall into a multi-storey car park created quite a stir among our readers last week.

It appears the American millionaire’s fake plans to convert the historic building, pictured right, would not have fared well with the town’s public.

Proud Thame resident Julie Taylor said: “I thought this is just typical. First Sainsbury’s, now this. I thought who is this flash American coming to our beautiful town and doing what he likes, putting a helipad in.

“I thought it could be an April Fool but what with everything that’s been going on, nothing surprises me anymore.

“I had to call in to the paper to double check because I was so outraged they might do this.

“To be honest I was getting ready to go and slap Don Butler (deputy mayor) with a wet fish.”