Special delivery! Postie’s new book hits the virtual shelves

Postman Malcolm Stark with his new book Glam Soccer
Postman Malcolm Stark with his new book Glam Soccer

A postman has written a book about his number one passion - football.

Glam Soccer by Malcolm Stark tells the story of what the author considers as the most exciting period in English football - 1967 to 1976.

Malcolm, who has been a postman for 25 years said: “My regular round covers Upton, Dinton and Haddenham and some of my customers have already brought a copy of the book.”

Malcolm came up with the idea to write the book in 2010, and after making hundreds of pages of written notes, he began to write the first chapter in February the following year.

Malcolm, 50, said: “My original plan was just to focus on a select group of teams, but in the end I wrote over 700 pages about 30 clubs.

“I spent a long time gathering old programmes and reading biographies to gather as much information as I could about the era.

“I am no author, but I hope my passion for the game comes through.”

The book can be download on Amazon and Kindle.