Sophie’s lucky charm leads charity appeal

Sophie Court wins jewellery competition
Sophie Court wins jewellery competition
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A THAME jewellery student has seen her creation come to life and is now helping to fund a heart operating theatre.

Sophie Court, who is studying in Birmingham, won a competition to front a campaign and her pendent is now on sale to make money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

She said: “It was really weird when I first saw it as it was all in a box and it had my name on it.

“The whole project is really exciting, I was delighted to win it as it is such a good cause.”

The pendant is selling online for £29.99 with all proceeds going to charity,

And things could soon be getting even better for the 21-year-old as a major fashion store is looking to take on her product.

Harvey Nicholls has expressed an interest in her work and the deal could see her design being turned into a bracelet as well.

The key to Sophie’s design is it’s simplicity, which won over the judges.

She said: “The judges liked how simple it was and how it would appeal to lots of different people.”

It is on sale at