‘Someone will be killed if nothing is done soon’: Snow crash highlights accident blackspot

The latest crash in Arncott Way
The latest crash in Arncott Way

Someone will end up being killed if something is not done soon about an accident blackspot, according to a councillor.

Aylesbury Vale District Council councillor Stuart Jarvis said a combination of cars speeding and a poor road surface is causing a high number of accidents at Arncott Way, Fairford Leys.

A car crashed through the front door of one house on Friday after skidding on the snow with two further vehicles also involved.

The Liberal Democrat councillor for Coldharbour said it as been a problem for many years.

He said: “There’s been three cars written off. A car’s flipped over on its roof. Someone will get killed there.”

In Friday’s incident, homeowner, Dean Whiting, said it was fortunate no one was in the house including his 18 month old daughter.

Mr Whiting, who has complained to the county council, said: “People come speeding round that corner.

“The council have been woefully irresponsible and neglected the safety of the residents.”

While the average speed for cars in July 2011 was 30mph, the same as the speed limit, Mr Jarvis said that on one day more than 50 vehicles went round the corner at a speed of 41mph or higher.

In some cases cars have been clocked going at more than 70mph.

Mr Jarvis said the cobble road surface is not to the same standard of tarmac and means cars lose grip easily.

A spokesman for Transport for Bucks said: “We looked at the collision data for the last five years up until 31 October 2012 and there have been no reported injury collisions, therefore there are currently no plans from a casualty reduction point of view to install traffic calming measures.”

However, the parish council will introduce mobile vehicle activated signs at the end of February in four places around Fairford Leys, including Arncott Way, to reduce speed.