Sockstacular! Pupils get feisty with their footwear

St Joseph's School pupils
St Joseph's School pupils

Pupils went sock crazy to mark World Down Syndrome Day at St Joseph’s School.

The students put on lots of socks to show their support for people with the condition.

‘Lots of socks’ is used as a logo for Down Syndrome because under the microscope chromosomes looks a bit like socks.

People who have the condition have one extra chromosome, so the pupils wore one extra sock, odd socks or brightly coloured socks to show their support.

The children have recently been talking about diversity in people.

As part of their learning, they heard a presentation explaining the chromosomal differences, how these differences are reflected in people with Down Syndrome and about the diverse skills and occupations that many people affected by it enjoy.

As part of the day, the school also raised more than £100 to go to local Down Syndrome support groups.