Sister frustrated by police’s handling of vicious assault on brother

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The sister of a chef who was savagely assaulted has slammed the police’s ‘appalling’ handling of the case.

Andrew Grounsell, 23, who could be left permanently blind in one eye after the attack, was savagely jumped by a gang of thugs when walking home on Bicester Road.

Mr Grounsell’s sister, Claire, said she had phoned Thames Valley Police last week with additional information but is yet to receive a response because the officer handling the casewas ‘not on duty’.

She said: “They are appalling, no one has got back to me. It’s quite a major case. There’s got to be someone able to help.

“It’s another week now and no one has been caught. What are they (the thugs) going to do? Do it again.”

Miss Grounsell, 21, said her brother had begun to recover slightly after sustaining a fractured right eye socket, three broken ribs and a broken jaw and broken teeth in the attack on December 8.

She added: “He’s still not good. He’s up and about and walking. But he look likes a burst blood vessel, like a really dark red.”

Mr Grounsell, a chef at the Green Man and the Cotton Wheel, will now spend Christmas with his family.

However, Miss Grounsell said it is likely to upset her two year old daughter due to his appearance.

Miss Grounsell said people had offered their support since the incident but that it is frustrating as her brother can remember little of the attack.

“That first hit must have hit him hard. I still just can’t get my head around it.”

Thames Valley Police were unavailable for comment at time of press.