Shoppers’ desperate attempts to save man who fell from Bourg Walk Bridge

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A COACH driver has described the moments after a man fell to his death from the Bourg Walk Bridge on Tuesday.

John Ward was just one of several shoppers who stopped to help the man as he lay on the road.

“I think he was dead already but three or four of us put him onto his back and began chest compressions. Someone called the ambulance and they talked us through what to do.”

Mr Ward, 47, from Aylesbury, was out shopping with his wife and 12-year-old daughter when they heard the screams of a woman who witnessed the fall.

Mr Ward was taught first aid as part of his training as a Motts coach driver, and rushed over to offer his help. “It made me feel very sad, it was such a shock,” he said.

“As a coach driver, often driving on the M25, I’ve seen plenty of road traffic accidents, but never anything like this.

“I didn’t know the man who fell but I waited until the police and ambulance arrived before leaving.

“The woman who saw it happen was hysterical, and I think she was taken into Morrisons for a drink.”

He said the experience was very sad to witness, but insisted: “I’m no hero. There were lots of other people there who were doing all they could to help.”

At the time of publication the man’s name had not been released. Police are not treating the incident as suspicious.