Shooting victim ‘was not living in a police safehouse’

Police Press Conference about shooting in Walton Court Area Det Chief Inspector Gill Wooton
Police Press Conference about shooting in Walton Court Area Det Chief Inspector Gill Wooton
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POLICE say a man dressed as a delivery driver could hold the key to tracking down the gunman behind Wednesday’s shooting in Walton Court.

Today, Thursday, the detective in charge of the case said it was not yet clear whether the driver is a suspect, but called on witnesses to come forward.

Officers have denied speculation that the 33 year old victim, named locally as Kevin Williams, was living in a police safehouse.

The Herald understands that wheelchair bound Mr Williams is set to testify in a court case in London, which detectives believe may be linked to the shooting in Stour Close shortly before 10am.

He is currently in a ‘critical’ condition, and is being treated under armed guard.

At a press conference today, the detective leading the investigation refused to confirm whether the victim is a police witness.

Detective Chief Inspector Gill Wootton said a man believed to be a delivery driver was seen in the area shortly after the gunshots were heard. He is described as white, in his 40s and about 5ft 9ins, wearing a dull green uniform.

Det Chief Insp Wootten: “We don’t know if that person is a suspect.”

The officer rubbished rumours that the bungalow the shooting happened at was a safehouse, before stating: “It would be inappropriate for me to comment on information about witness protection schemes.

“This individual chose to live in the Aylesbury area, and he didn’t have an assumed identity.”

Neighbours reported hearing ‘seven or eight’ gunshots.

But Det Chief Insp Wootten said there was ‘no information’ on whether there had been a shootout.

It is not yet clear how many gunmen there were.

Asked why the victim appeared to be handcuffed as he was taken out of the address, the officer said: “At this stage I’d prefer not to talk about that.”

She said police did not believe it was a ‘random’ shooting, and said: “People in the local area can take comfort that there isn’t someone prowling round the streets.”

Officers say they would like to speak to people in the area at the time of the shooting.

Among the passers-by would like to talk to is a white man, described as ‘older’, seen walking a small Terrier sized dog on the far side of the field near Stour Close.

Detectives would also like to speak to an elderly white woman seen walking away from Stour Close with a long-haired golden Labrador. She was wearing a long, light blue coat.

There was also another woman seen walking a English Bull Terrier-style dog, who came from the back gates of one of the properties in Witham Way.

Two men, thought to be in their late teens, were also seen in Witham Way, talking to another man who was on crutches. They were both white.

One of the men was 5ft 10ins to 5ft 11ins, with dark hair and stubble. He was wearing a blue, zip-up, hooded top and jeans.

The other man was between 5ft 6ins and 5ft 8ins, but we do not have any further description for him.

Det Chief Insp Wootten said: “Are you one of these people? Did you see or hear anything suspicious yesterday morning? If so, I would urge you to come forward and speak to police.

“As we have stated, we do not believe that this incident was a random attack and that our victim was targeted for this crime.”

Forensic officers are currently scouring the address for clues.