Shedding light on Vale Park flooding

Flooding at Vale Park in Aylesbury
Flooding at Vale Park in Aylesbury

People will be able to see clearly in Vale Park again with new LED lights set to be installed – but they might still get wet feet.

Aylesbury Vale District Council secured £60,000 in developer contributions from the Aqua Vale leisure centre project to install 20 lighting units along the main footpaths through Vale Park this month.

However, there still remains issues with the drainage at the park, with frequent flooding.

Cabinet member for leisure David Thompson said: “Unfortunately the park has been built on a flood plain. It would be very nice to sort it because obviously it improves the appearance of the park.

“If we can make it nicer for our residents we need to do so. It’s something I’m conscious of. It’s going to be slightly expensive, though.

“Obviously we are using our developer contribution towards the lighting. If we have any left over we would be looking at doing something about the flooding.”

The footpaths through the park are popular routes for users of the Aqua Vale leisure centre, as well as dog walkers and local people and Mr Thompson is pleased about the new lighting.

He added: “The new lights will make a big difference to park users. I think everyone wants to see a safe environment and good lighting is a vital part of this. The LED lights are more efficient than conventional lighting and will also save the council money in the long term.”

The new lighting is part of the overall redevelopment of the site with a new children’s play area and sports zone, larger grassed areas and footpaths, tree planting, and a new main entrance opposite the High Street already completed.

The council welcomes suggestions on how to improve its parks and open spaces.

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