Share of £2bn pot will fund more jobs and homes across Vale

Artist's impression of the Waterside Centre
Artist's impression of the Waterside Centre

A share of a government pot of £2 billion will help bring more than 11,000 new jobs to Bucks and fund a new education centre and residential development in Aylesbury.

The strategic economic plan from the Bucks Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership has been submitted to the Government for a share of central funds.

If approved, Aylesbury projects between 2015 and 2016 will include fitting out the Waterside Centre - an education facility - and regenerating the town centre with a retail and residential development, Waterside North.

Funds will also support plans on the Eastern link and Stocklake link roads in Aylesbury and would contribute to bringing 4,000 new homes to the county.

Chairman of the partnership Alex Pratt said: “This is our response to the challenge government has set us of how we might best invest in Bucks to drive jobs and growth.

“We are a significant wealth generator in the UK economy. Our plans will unlock additional growth and increase our overall contribution to the UK exchequer by increasing investment in some of the key factors of production that currently constrain our businesses from growing and that cap our ability to play as strong a role in driving the economy as we would like.”

Minister for cities Greg Clark said: “This provides the opportunity to unleash the ambition and creativity of Bucks Thames Valley’s local leaders devolving resource and responsibility in return for compelling local economic leadership in pursuit of growth.”