‘Share a borehole’ Thame’s Oxfam Bookshop.

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Thame Oxfam has launched an appeal to fund a borehole to provide fresh water

Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge and responding to the suffering of people in East Africa the volunteers at the Oxfam Bookshop in Thame have launched a local Appeal to raise £394 to help provide a water supply and ease the plight for people affected by drought and famine.

To start the appeal the volunteers have searched beneath the corners of their sofas, underneath the car seats, in the dark recesses of their purses and pockets, for those lost coins and they have donated them to the appeal.

The shop is asking our customers, donors and supporters to donate their lost coins and make 2012 a better year for those suffering famine and drought.

£394 will provide funds for the shop to provide a ‘Share in a Borehole’ one of the OXFAM UNWRAPPED Gifts that changes lives Drilling a borehole takes time, effort and money, the effect on a community is little short of amazing.

Alice Keji lives in a rural community in South Sudan. And she knows The benefits of having an Oxfam-supported borehole nearby: “During the dry season we had to walk miles to get water. We had to go three times a day to have enough for cooking, washing the children and drinking.” Now, because women spend less time fetching water, they have more time for their families. People can keep clean and everyone has drinking water that does not make them ill.”

OXFAM UNWRAPPED is the thoughtful way of donating, a way of giving that extra gift the CHANGES LIVES.

To find out more about OXFAM UNWRAPPED go to www.oxfamunwrapped.com.

For more information on the Thame Oxfam Bookshop appeal to fund a Share in a Borehole call 01844 214645 email oxfamshopf3715@oxfam.org.uk or pop into the shop.