‘Shame councillors who miss meetings’

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Town councillors who miss committee meetings could be named and shamed.

A substitute system is currently in place for when members cannot attend meetings.

However, last year a communities committee meeting was cancelled because not enough councillors attended and there are often times when numbers are down.

Aylesbury Town Council leader Mike Smith said: “If people are not attending meetings it hampers the work of the council. Even since we introduced the substitute policy a meeting was cancelled. I really don’ think that should have happened.

“We all need to sharpen up and make sure we are covering the work of the council properly. I’m taking this quite seriously.”

Mr Smith says the quality of decisions taken by the council is improved by having all sides present at debates and is willing to try different measures to ensure this happens. This could include making public lists of those who go to meetings and members who are not there or getting councillors to sign a book of attendance.

Mr Smith said: “I don’t think the council can have a full debate when people are missing meetings.

“The public have a right to know what the councillors elected in their name are doing on their behalf.”