Security fears force Aylesbury golf club to plan on-site accommodation

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‘Serious problems’ with break-ins have forced a golf club to seek to build on-site manager’s accommodation - otherwise the facility’s future will be under threat.

Aylesbury Golf Centre has been the subject of a number of attacks in the past few years, as well as having equipment stolen from the Bierton grounds.

Planning permission has now been granted for the building of a single-storey rear extension to the clubhouse for the manager to use so someone is always there.

The applicants see this as the ‘only viable solution’ to the problem.

The application said of the break-ins: “These events have been very expensive in themselves and have a knock-on effect of raising insurance premiums to levels which are becoming unaffordable.

“A further security problem arises when a member of staff is last on duty and needs to lock up and leave. Clearly there is a risk to staff who are more vulnerable because the site is not overlooked by any houses.”

If built, the extension would be connected internally to the club and will include a bedroom, a combined dining and sitting room and a bathroom.