Secrets of the Russian tragedy revealed at Thame festival

Dr Helen Rappaport
Dr Helen Rappaport

Secret plans to rescue the Russian Imperial Family, murdered in 1918, will be revealed during the Thame Arts and Literal Festival (TAL).

Dr Helen Rappaport, a historian with a specialism in late Imperial Russia and the Victorians, will duscuss her work ‘The Race To Save The Romanovs’ on Saturday, October 20 at Christchurch, at noon.

Published in June, ahead of the 100-year anniversary of their deaths, the book is an incredible detective story that uncovers the truth behind the secret plans to rescue Russia’s Imperial family.

Drawing on extensive lost and overlooked material in eight languages, the work overturns 100 years of traditional thinking that the failure to evacuate the Romanovs to England in 1917 was all the fault of King George V.

There are many players in this story, several of whose role has never been fully explored till now.

Bestselling historian and Russian expert, Dr Rappaport sets out to uncover exactly why the Romanovs’ European royal relatives and the Allied governments all failed to get them to safety.

Dr Rappaport, the author of 13 published books, draws on an unprecedented range of unseen sources, tracking down missing documents, destroyed papers and covert plots that aimed to liberate the family by land, sea and even sky. Through countless twists and turns, this revelatory work unpicks many false claims and conspiracies, revealing the fiercest loyalty, bitter family rivalries and devastating betrayals.

Dr Rappaport asks questions that haven’t been satisfactorily answered – until now.

The book is published in hardback and ebook by Hutchinson, priced £25. Visit and to book for the festival visit