Scissor sisters are so card sharp

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TWO sisters are putting their art lessons at Lord Williams’s School to good use by publishing greeting cards at the town hall.

Kim and Sam Osborne, both from Thame, studied A level art at the school before going to separate universities and are now trying to give something back to home town community.

The designs are aimed at being bright and fun and many of them have been printed by hand by the sisters.

Sam said: “We are thrilled to be selling at the town hall in Thame, it means that we have a permanent place for people to pop in and pick up our cards which is great.

“We are passionate about our designs, and like to offer people something a little bit different.”

Kim added: “We both grew up surrounded by creative people, and our passion for the arts was really fostered by the great teachers at the art department at Lord Williams’s School, so it means a lot to us for our designs to now be on sale in the town.”

The range is constantly being added to by the sisters, who are currently working on designs which include iconic buildings and landmarks in the town.

The sisters have lived in Thame since 1990, except for their brief spells at university where they both gained degrees in graphic design.

Since returning to the town the duo have worked in the graphic design sector but have recently taken the gamble to go freelance, working on separate design and illustration projects.

As an added extra they are continuing their love of printmaking and creating cards like those on display at the town hall.

The pair also sell their goods at craft fairs and online and are hoping to expand their range into more Thame shops.

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