Schoolchildren spooked by ‘killer clown’ sighting

View - Haddenham Community Junior School
View - Haddenham Community Junior School

An Aylesbury Vale school has put reported sightings of a person dressed as a so-called ‘killer clown’ on their playing field down to the ‘overactive imagination’ of its pupils.

There were reports that a person dressed as a clown was seen on the playing field at Haddenham Junior School in Woodways on Wednesday October 12.

However, a school spokesman said all that happened was that ‘a child saw a person in red through a hedge’.

There were rumours that police were called following the alleged sightings but a police spokesman said ‘there was nothing on their incident log which matched that description.’

It was also reported that at least one child who normally walked to school did not want to the following day because of the incident.

The so-called ‘killer clown craze’ has swept from North America into the UK prompting police warnings and leaving children frightened.

Last week Thames Valley Police issued a warning after being called to 14 ‘killer clown’ incidents in 24 hours.