School to build on good improvement in Ofsted inspection as head refuses to rest on laurels

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An Ickford school is taking steps to build on a strong Ofsted report.

At its last inspection, Ickford Combined School improved from ‘satisfactory’ to a ‘good’ rating.

But headteacher John Ronane said: “We have not rested on our laurels and in the relatively short time since the inspection, we have made some other exciting changes to the curriculum.”

As well as fundamental numeracy and literacy skills, the school is trying to do more to bring out children’s artistic sides. This includes teaching music theory and the recorder from Reception and the violin from Year 3. There is also a strong emphasis being put on teaching French and sports classes.

Mr Ronane said: “I am very proud of the school and I consider myself very fortunate to be responsible for its direction in the future.”