School’s not totally out for these kids in innovative booster week

Children taking part in the summer school run by Aylesbury Vale Academy
Children taking part in the summer school run by Aylesbury Vale Academy

Aylesbury Vale Academy attempted to get ahead of the game by launching its own summer school for new students.

The academy, which will move to its new site in Berryfields in September, selected upcoming year 7 and 8 students for a practical week at Elmhurst Primary School to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

The week included activities such as a crime scene investigation which required the students to present their findings and a moon landing study where the laws of gravity were analysed.

Speaking after the summer school week concluded vice principal David Burns said: “Students were selected for a variety of reasons all of which were underpinned by the single purpose of improving their abilities in literacy and numeracy, essential skills needed in order to make progress.

“They really have made great progress and had a lot of fun in doing so. All credit to students and staff alike for a fantastic week.”

Each day started with a physical activity session involving stretching, dance movements and games.

Mr Burns said that research indicates young people perform academically better if they undertake a session of activity at the start of the day.

The school also held team building activities throughout the week to further help the students.

Assistant principal Pauline McManus said: “This has been such a wonderful week. New friendships have been made and this will make for a terrific start for our new Year 7s in September. We have seen the students grow in confidence as the week has unfolded. It’s just been a joy to be here.”