School promises improvements after poor Ofsted report

Sue Roberts, head of Haddenham Junior School
Sue Roberts, head of Haddenham Junior School
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The headteacher of a school told it ‘requires improvement’ by Ofsted has said a plan is in place to start an upward trend.

Haddenham Junior School’s Sue Roberts said the school was ‘surprised and disappointed’ inspectors marked it a grade lower than previously.

But Ms Roberts said she was ‘absolutely sure’ she had parents’ backing.

Inspectors pointed to six areas where the school is not good. That included pupils’ achievement from their starting points, teachers not involving pupils in activities which help them learn quickly enough and teachers not adapting their teaching if pupils’ progress is slowing.

Ms Roberts said part of the reason for the poor report was the ‘narrow and inflexible’ new Ofsted framework.

She said: “We are not making excuses. There are small areas that need improving.

“Under the old system we would no doubt have got ‘good’, but the goalposts have moved.

“There will be extra training for some teachers to speed up pupil progress in some areas.”