School fire forces kids out of their classrooms

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CHILDREN at Cuddington and Dinton C of E School have been forced out of their classrooms after a fire broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The 66 kids at Dinton are now having to take their classes at Cuddington Church, the village hall and the school hall.

A11 Week 26'MCBH'DP'View, Dinton School - scene of fire

A11 Week 26'MCBH'DP'View, Dinton School - scene of fire

The blaze is believed to have begun in the boiler room, leaving 50 per cent of the roof damaged, as well as the toilet area and an office.

At its peak, there were around 40 firemen at the scene.

But, headteacher at the school, Kim Price, insists it’s business as usual for the little ones and their teachers.

She said: “Everyone has been so helpful and rallied round.

“It’s effectively business as usual. The children will not be missing out on any learning and are enjoying the experience.

“We have had a wonderful assembly, explaining to pupils what happened, how the firemen dealt with it and expressing our gratitude to everyone who has helped the school.

“The crews arrived very quickly and did a great job containing the fire.

“It’s far too soon to talk about repairs and costs, as the site is still being examined.”

And in the community sprit, when the blaze was first discovered, two villagers, Chris Webster and Chris Vane, also attempted to keep the flames under control before professional help arrived.

A spokesman for Bucks Fire and Rescue Service said: “We applaud their public-spiritedness, but we have to be careful we don’t encourage people to put themselves in positions of risk.

“There have been a number of cases where well-meaning people have lost their lives as a result of tackling a fire without the appropriate protection and equipment.”

The fire started around 6.30am on Sunday and was attended by fire crews from Haddenham, Aylesbury and Princes Risborugh.

The school remained open to all of its pupils yesterday, Thursday, during the nationwide teacher strikes.