School celebrates exchange milestone

Lord Williams's Bonn tree planting celebration
Lord Williams's Bonn tree planting celebration

Celebrations have taken place at Lord Williams’s School to mark the 30th anniversary of it’s exchange with Friedrich-Ebert Gymnasium in Bonn.

A tree planting ceremony took place on Wednesday and a time capsule was buried.

Twenty-eight students took part in this year’s exchange which ran from Monday June 25 to Thursday July 5. The exchange partners visited Warwick and Windsor Castles, London and Oxford.

In The Tamensian for 1981-1982 regret was expressed that the exchange with a school in Marktoberdorf had had to be abandoned after 15 years due to the high cost of transport to southern Germany. Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium was willing to run an experimental exchange and, that year, 30 students came to Thame where they spent most of their days in school with their hosts. The Lord Williams’s School party went out to Bonn in July and visited Cologne, Koblenz, Bruhl, the Eiffel hills and several swimming pools. The report ended “We look forward eagerly to many more years of the exchange which seems sure to become a permanent fixture”.

Over the years approximately 600 students from each school have participated in the exchange. Year 12 students also used to take part and did work experience in Germany. The partnership has grown from strength to strength because of the dedication and hard work of staff in both schools. To see the obvious friendships between students is very special.