School bus fares set to rise

School buses in Aylesbury
School buses in Aylesbury

The cost of school transport for a child is set to increase by at least £105 a year as Bucks County Council can no longer subsidise travel.

Children under 16 currently pay around £390 a year for their school transport, regardless of distance travelled.

But the actual cost to the county council is on average £1,000 per pupil a year and it says it can no longer afford to pay this.

The proposal is to increase the cost of travel for each child from £2 to at least £3 a day.

The county council has launched two surveys today to gauge public opinion, which include proposals of direct debit payments over six or eight months.

A series of meetings will also be held across the county to allow parents to hear detailed information on the proposed changes and ask questions.

Cabinet member for education and skills Mike Appleyard, who will be at the meetings, said: “We understand parents may have concerns about this consultation.

“But our greatest desire is always to work together to find a solution that is in the best interests of the child. This is why it is important that all parents and carers concerned get involved and give us their views.

“With home to school transport accounting for a significant proportion of the children and young people’s budget, we have had to review the arrangements we have in place in these areas to find a way of providing young people with transport in a way that is fair and affordable within the funding we have.”

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