School appeals for help with crucial building works

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Mill Lane Community School in Chinnor is in the middle of much-needed building works and is in need of sponsorship.

This first stage of building works – which will hopefully be finished by Christmas - includes a new, secure reception area, a larger staff room and a new hall, which will be fully enclosed rather than being the central walkway from all other parts of the school.

The school wants to install a sound and light system in the new hall. It has been a problem for years that many of the plays and concerts performed by the children have not been heard or seen properly by the audience.

The new hall, and its new sound and light system, will also be available to the wider community to use for meetings and other events.

The cost of installing a sound and light system is beyond the building budget, so the school is looking for either corporate sponsorship or a company specialising in the installation of such systems to help.

If you can offer support, please contact the school on 01844 352106.