Scam warning as crooks’ ‘gold’ leaves buyers well brassed off

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AYLESBURY residents should beware of being lured in by ‘gold-for-cash’ scams on the street, according to Thames Valley Police.

The Aylesbury Town Centre’s Neighbourhood Policing team has received a number of complaints from people who have been conned out of their money.

The scheme is reportedly being run by individuals of an Eastern-European appearance.

In a reverse of the popular cash-for-gold scam, the individuals in Aylesbury town centre have stung some residents by exchanging highly polished brass jewellery for money.

The individuals claim they need money to afford such vital items as baby food and petrol.

However, to sweeten the deal they have then offered the hallmark stamped jewellery, which when taken to a pawnbrokers has been discovered to be fake.

Residents are being advised to inform friends and family of the scam.

If you witness any suspicious activity you can call the police on the 24-hour police centre enquiry number 101.