Salon cuts out clients’ parking charges

Serena Jebb and Amie Bentley, of Tramps
Serena Jebb and Amie Bentley, of Tramps

A hair salon fearing new car parking fees would drive away customers has agreed to pay their charges.

The fees have been introduced at Jansel Square’s car park in Bedgrove to combat people misusing the free parking.

However, it caused concern at Tramps salon, which sayscustomers have now threatened to go elsewhere.

The first two hours parking is free, but after that visitors must pay £1 per hour.

While many shoppers at Jansel Square stay for less than two hours, some of Tramps’ customers often remain for longer.

Salon director Serena Jebb said: “We were worried that the charges might lose us a lot of clients. It is hard enough for us to keep our head above the water as it is.

“A lot of our customers stay for more than two hours. Some have said they would try to get here other ways than using their car or try using another salon.”

To keep customers happy, Tramps has set up an account with the company enforcing the fees. Now, any customers planning to park for more than two hours just need to give Tramps their car registration number and the salon will cover the cost.

When introduced, the charges caused controversy and Aylesbury MP David Lidington wrote to the management company. It says it is in part to stop people who are going on coach trips from parking there all day for free.