Safety fears after Watermead crash

Police at the scene on Sunday
Police at the scene on Sunday

Safety fears have been raised by Watermead Parish Council following a serious crash over the weekend.

The authority said it was ‘very concerned’ about the incident early on Sunday, which has left two people in hospital.

At its last meeting the council discussed residents’ concerns about speeding vehicles on the main road into Watermead and police have been asked to increase patrols and recommend any other measures which could help.

Councillor Adrian Schwab, responsible for traffic and transport, said: “This has been a concern to local residents for a long time.

“Despite having installed pedestrian refuges, speed indicating signs and gates and dragon’s teeth at the entrance to Watermead over recent years, people still speed.

“If this accident had happened any later in the day the consequences might have been even more serious.

“We would ask everyone to respect the 30mph speed limit on our roads.”