Run down roundabout finally ready to be tidied up four years on

The broken roundabout on Oxford Road opposite Aylesbury College
The broken roundabout on Oxford Road opposite Aylesbury College

A run down Aylesbury roundabout is in line for some much needed TLC, the county council has promised.

Ever since two cars crashed into the roundabout outside Aylesbury College in December 2008 nothing has been done to repair the damage, apart from making the site safe.

But following The Bucks Herald contacting Bucks County Council as part of our ‘grot spots’ campaign, the authority has pledged to fix it in April.

Transport for Bucks says block pavement will be reinstated round the side of the roundabout and weed killer will be put on the top to stop it becoming overgrown.

Asked why something had not been done to tidy it up sooner, Transport for Bucks’ transformation manager Rosemary Bryant said it had not been raised as a priority.

Ms Bryant said: “We have not had a lot of people asking us to do anything with it.

“We have a lot of priorities. I don’t know why anything hasn’t been done about it. There’s lots to do and lots of priorities and it has not been brought to the top of the priorities list.

“It was made safe at the time of the crash. It is not a case of not feeling the need to do anything about it, it was just not a priority.

“We are now planning to do something about it.”

The announcement comes two weeks after the launch of the Bucks Herald’s campaign to address Aylesbury’s grot spots.

Last week district council cabinet member Brian Roberts called on the public to do their bit to tidy up the town.

If you have seen a grot spot around town then contact Bucks Herald editor Roger Hawes via email at