Rothschild proposal for new housing in Waddesdon

Lord Rothschild
Lord Rothschild

A housing development proposed by the Rothschild Foundation will be open to public consultation all day on Thursday.

The proposal is for two sites in the village of Waddesdon.

They are Golden Mede and Warmstone Lane, collectively known as The Golden Mede and located in the south of the village adjacent to the Waddesdon estate.

The public consultation will run from 8am-8pm at the village hall.

All members of the public are invited to view the proposals and offer comments and thoughts.

A statement from the Foundation, chaired by Lord Rothschild, said the proposal comes at a time when a great many new homes are required across the Vale, with an unprecedented number of planning applications in progress.

The statement continues: “There will be pressure on the Waddesdon village to expand its borders and to welcome a larger community in the coming years.

“Accomodating a sustainable level of growth whilst keeping the village identity is the Rothschild Foundation’s primary concern.

“We recognise that additional housing might not be welcome by everyone and wish to engage with the community to hear their views and how to consider the need for growth.”