Rotary club to host blood pressure readings event

THE rotary clubs of Thame and Haddenham and District are holding an event for people to find out their blood pressure levels.

The day, run in partnership with The Stroke Association and the Ambulance Service, will take place at the Co-operative Supermarket on the High Street in Thame on Saturday, April 28.

Between 10am and 2pm, the public will be offered a free blood pressure monitoring service with information and advice on stroke-related health issues.

At the same time the clubs will carry out a street collection in Thame town centre to raise funds on behalf of the Stroke Association.

Rachel Seyler, from the Stroke Association, said: “Thousands of strokes could be prevented every year if more people took steps to monitor their blood pressure.

“You can keep your blood pressure under control by making a few healthy lifestyle changes. For example, eating a balanced diet in saturated fat, exercising regularly and cutting your salt intake will go a long way. Knowing your blood pressure is the vital first step and I strongly urge everyone to go and get theirs checked.”

Rotarian Tyrell Gillman, coordinator of the event, added: “Over the years this event may have prevented thousands of people from having a stroke.

“It may be quite worrying to discover you could be at risk of a stroke, but once it is highlighted it is possible to make changes which will reduce that risk.

“The team will welcome any query, even if it is just for a chat, and help you find out how strokes can be prevented through simple lifestyle choices.

“Regular exercise, healthy eating and giving up smoking can all help to regulate blood pressure.”

Visit and or call the Stroke Association on 0303 30 33 100.