Rock poetry is inspired by Yorkshire

WITH Thame Arts and Literature Festival just around the corner The Gazette has spoken to local amateur poet Alison Gill about her latest creation.

Alison was featured in an article in August last year with her poem The Happening when she was shortlisted for an award.

Her latest piece, Waterdrops (left), was inspired by Alison’s appreciation of rocks.

“My love of rocks comes from being brought up in Yorkshire and taking family holidays there as my mother’s family lived there.

“Some of the best work just comes to you like this one did.”

The 54 year old is a member of Thame Poetry Group who meet monthly.

Alison doesn’t enter poetry competitions since she felt hard done by when she entered a United Press competition only for her piece not to be considered due to an admin error.

Alison’s poem


Timeless motion goes unnoticed

Here high in the mountains

We have no hope

Because we already know the answer

Water drops, Seeping through the rock

The rock, Old and wise

Wrinkled and worn-weary, But never losing heart

Remains untouched for centuries

And centuries upon centuries to come

We do not care, Because we know

We just go on forever

What do we know? We cannot tell you

Because it is not our duty to tell, It is your question

Who know where the water flows?

The light changes our appearance

It will change yours if you let it

The sun warms us, Give it the opportunity to warm you

Then the warmth and light will be within you

And also around you

Giving you strength

Your heart will be filled with a strange longing

To discover more, Live as we live

For we never die, We just travel through the rock

We are here throughout all your tomorrows

And after

Perhaps you too

May live forever

Perhaps life is not as you see it