Robot inventors want to take over the world

Oli, left, and Jimmie with the trophy and bot.
Oli, left, and Jimmie with the trophy and bot.

TWO young robot enthusiasts have come out on top of a national competition after their invention proved unbeatable.

Oliver Jackson and Jimmie O’Connell, both from Thame, worked together to win the K*bots In Schools Championships.

But the duo now have their sights set on an even bigger prize ... the World Championships, which take place in Las Vegas in two weeks’ time.

They will not be able to travel to the US for the event but they have sent across their robot Yellow Menace and are hoping it can come out victorious.

Oliver said: “Hopefully we will win it, we have already beaten the team that came third last time so I think we have a good chance.”

The competition is similar to the old BBC programme Robot Wars, where robots fight it out.

But in K*bots the aim is to knock the opposition robot off of a table.

The Yellow Mennace robot was well accustomed to doing battle, with its heavy front working as the perfect weapon to push its opponents off the table.