Road block threat over Southcourt bus cuts

Protest over state of buses by residents of Birch Court in Aylesbury
Protest over state of buses by residents of Birch Court in Aylesbury

Angry residents have threatened to block roads in protest unless their bus service is restored.

The threat of direct action comes in the wake of a decision by Bucks County Council to withdraw subsidies to bus company Arriva.

Now, with a deadline approaching people living on Southcourt have vowed to take action unless their demands are met.

People living in Birch Court, Taylor Road, Old Stoke Road and Southcourt are among those unhappy over a decision to reduce the level of services they receive on their estates.

A deadline of Monday October 21 has now been set to find a solution with a final crunch meeting between residents, the county council and Arriva scheduled to take place at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Southcourt on that date.

Ray Savage, who is acting as the spokesman for the Birch Court residents said they were up in arms over the decision to cut the existing service - the Green Route 4 which served Southcourt, Waltoncourt and Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

He said: “We just cannot understand why some routes are getting extra buses yet we are suffering and having ours taken away.

“We have a lot of elderly people on these estates and they rely on the buses to be able to get out to the dentists or the doctors or the supermarket.

“I have even proposed a bus service which could run hourly from 9.15am and 6.15pm between the estates and the town centre however neither Arriva nor Bucks County Council is willing to subside the service.”

Mr Savage said the situation had now reached a state of deadlock, adding: “We will fight this all the way and although it may seem extreme, we are prepared to walk up the road altogether blocking it united in either celebration or frustration.”

Transport for Buckinghamshire said in a statement: “Representatives from the county council have met with the residents group and we are aware of their concerns.”