‘Risborough is regenerating, so why take a swipe at us?’

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Letters this week includes a response to a comparison between Thame and Princes Risborough, an appreciation of the Thamensian’s humour and a thank you to the town’s shoppers

Stephen Barnes Princes Risborough

DEAR Dr Gillman, in your letter published in the Thame Gazette, June 10 edition, you stated that Princes Risborough has one of the lowest High Street shop occupancy levels in the country - this is totally misleading.

I had to write to correct this statement.

Out of over 100 retail units, only four are currently vacant, two of these are said to be under negotiation and one is under offer - the fourth is undergoing development from office to retail and flats.

Five new shops have opened in the past few months including WHSmith and a ladies boutique. Princes Risborough is regenerating and is attracting quality shops. Far from detracting from the town centre as you suggested, Marks & Spencer attracts people to the town and has given High Street shops like Art & Office a boost.

The issues in Thame are far different from those in Risborough. Both are fine examples of market towns and both have potential to attract good shops and loyal customers.

They differ greatly in size, population, geographical position and catchment area: Thame being on the edge of Oxfordshire and Risborough being in the centre of Bucks nestling under the Chilterns.

My business advertises regularly in the Thame Gazette at great expense to gain custom.

Your letter gives a false image of Risborough which could affect potential custom in the town. I don’t see why you needed to ‘have a go’ at Risborough in order to express your opinions on development in Thame.  Please visit Princes Risborough and say hello - you will get a warm welcome! Hopefully we will change your view of the town.

Decrepit building poses real hazard

Judith Stevenson Thame

WHO owns/has responsibility for the decrepit tin roofed building in Southern Road, Thame, opposite the entrance to Sainsbury’s car park?

It is steadily deteriorating and now has a large chunk of masonry broken in at the front.

This is an open invitation to entry by youngsters with perhaps very serious results!

The school holidays are due to start next month and some urgent measures are needed now on this building.

Thamensian right about crossing

Tony Rushforth Thame

I WOULD just like to say how I wholeheartedly agree with the view expressed by ‘The Thamensian’ on Friday regarding the Lemming-like approach some locals and visitors to our town adopt on spying a speed hump on the High Street.

The humps are exactly that - a physical means to slow the traffic along the High Street - not an invitation to cross!

There are sufficient allocated crossings in and adjacent to the High Street, albeit the one near the Thame Tandori often causes more problems than it solves with cars backed up over the junctions there.

However, once again bravo Thamensian for speaking out.

Thanks to all for your kind support

Karen Shardlow FNH Charity

ON behalf of everyone involved with the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, I would like to say a very big thank you to the people of Thame, for your kind support and generosity in our bucket collection on Friday.

We raised a fantastic £246 in aid of our Sunny Sunflower Appeal taking place throughout June – raising vital funds for the local hospice. I would also like to say a huge thanks to everyone at Sainsburys and to all our volunteers on the day.