Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer, 21, manages her symptoms with food

Molly Buszard
Molly Buszard
  • University student first noticed symptoms in her fingers when knitting on fashion course
  • She didn’t want to rely on medication to manage symptoms so overhauled her diet instead
  • Now she has posted more than 40 healthy recipes on her online blog

A student who suffers with rheumatoid arthritis is sharing her recipes with the world after starting a food blog to manage her symptoms.

Molly Buszard, 21, from Wellington Street, Thame, was diagnosed with the condition in September 2013 and started creating her own meals in an effort to reduce the pain she was experiencing.

Molly said: “I was diagnosed during the first year of my university course.

“As I am studying fashion I use my hands a lot and I started to notice pain firstly in my middle finger before it spread to my other fingers, my left hand and my wrist.

“Once I was diagnosed I decided to take a positive outlook and wanted to manage my diet and fitness regimes rather than just relying on drugs.”

Molly, who also has an intolerance to gluten and suffers with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), said she got her inspiration from recipe books.

She said: “I always change something in the recipes to make them my own and I enjoy experimenting.

“I have made over 40 recipes now and my housemates at university and my boyfriend are the main tasters.

“My boyfriend loves it when I’m at home because I do all the cooking!

“I wanted to show my love of food and I believe a blog is the best way.”

I always change something in the recipes to make them my own

Molly Buszard

Molly is currently studying knitwear for fashion at Winchester School of Art and previously attended Lord Williams’s School in Thame.

Her blog can be found at www.mollybuszardfood.blogspot.co.uk.