Residents support £65,000 plan to replace walkway

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Plans to replace the popular wooden walkway around the smaller lake on Watermead have been backed by residents.

Despite it probably costing in the region of £65,000, there is popular support for the work.

At a public meeting parish council vice chairman Adrian Schwab said there was unanimous support for the project.

He said: “We gave a presentation, explained what needed to be done, and the cost of that, and together with the feedback we had during the Christmas fair and from our website we now have a mandate from our parishioners that they wish the walkway to be replaced.”

Work will begin in the spring and last for 12 weeks, under the guidance of a project manager who will be mindful of the wildlife in the area.

The current walkway has lasted for more than 20 years but has required constant maintenance, and the wooden piles beneath the waterline are now getting dangerous. The new walkway, although wooden above the surface, will have a more robust structure beneath the waterline to withstand the effects of water. Money will be borrowed to fund the project, but it will not affect the parish precept.