Residents get spiky over Tiggywinkles tourism signs

Brown tourism signs put up forTiggywinkles in Haddenham
Brown tourism signs put up forTiggywinkles in Haddenham

New signposts directing motorists to the renowned Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital have angered village residents, who claim they ‘urbanise’ the environment.

A group from Haddenham, which describes the decision to put up a dozen tourism signs for Tiggywinkles as ‘over-kill’, has complained to Bucks County Council.

Pensioner Peter Jeffery, who has lived in Townside for 40 years, said: “We are told that it’s important to minimise the number of signs for road safety and because they urbanise the rural environment.

“But if the shops, churches and museum all put up signs, what a visual mess that would be!”

Parish clerk Gill Dudley, who met with parish councillors in the village this week, said the group has emailed the county council.

She said: “Some of the signs are just 20 yards from one another!

“We’re told that we need to get rid of unnecessary street clutter. Two or three signs would be enough.

“We have emailed to try and find out who has asked for them to be put up and we’re putting an official letter together too.”

But Tiggywinkles director Colin Stocker said he has only had positive feedback about the signs, which were put up two weeks ago.

He said: “People at church told me ‘I like your signs’, especially the vicar, she was very keen.”

The wildlife hospital asked the county council for new signs a year ago as people were getting lost.

Mr Stocker said: “If you have an injured animal in your car, you want to get to the hospital as quickly as possible to save its life.

“People weren’t getting to their destination so I think they (the signs) are helpful.”

St Tiggywinkles treats a huge range of injured wildlife – most famously stricken hedgehogs.