Rent increase for housing trust residents

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THE Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust has confirmed an average annual rent increase for its tenants of 6.76 per cent.

The trust says the rise, which is effective from April 2, follows the application of the government’s rent restructuring policy.

Individual rent notification letters to the trust’s 7,000-plus tenants are currently being issued.

Linda Foster, finance director for the trust, which is the Vale’s biggest social landlord, said: “Along with all other social landlords the trust carries out an annual review of the rent charged to its residents. As in previous years the annual rent increase is set in line with the government’s widely used rent restructuring policy. This was introduced by government in 2001 and it aims to ensure that all social landlords charge a similar amount of rent for similar properties in the same area.”

She urged residents who may not be able to afford their rent to contact them as soon as possible.