Red carpet treatment at movie screening for Aylesbury students

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Youngsters who study at The Mandeville School will be walking the red carpet today at the start of a film premiere.

The high profile event, at the Empire Cinema in High Wycombe on Sunday, has been organised by The Pauline Quirke Performing Arts Academy – which runs weekend classes at the school on Ellen Road for four-18 year olds.

Kym Eden, principal of the Aylesbury academy, said: “The academy enables children to have a focus and develops their confidence and ability in many of the arts.

“One of the modules we teach at The Pauline Quirke Academy is film and TV.

“For the past six months the children have been working on scripting, casting, directing, filming and acting in their own short films which will now be screened at The Empire on September 30.

The event will start at 9am, with the children walking down the red carpet as they do in Hollywood film premieres. They will then go in to the cinema to watch their films and should be finished by 11am.

“This is the second time we have done this. The films two years ago were amazing, and this years prove to be even better.

“As well as our own cinema screening, all the films have been entered in to a Pauline Quirke Academy national film competition and the winning films will be screened at The Empire Cinema in Leicester Square.”

For more details or to see a trailer for some of the films which will be shown at High Wycombe’s Empire cinema on Sunday